What happens to funds in locked targets at maturity?

The principal and accrued interest are automatically transferred into the main wallet.

Can funds in existing Rhapsave targets be transferred to the Main wallet?

Yes, but only in unlocked wallets. click on the “view details” icon on a particular target and click on “Rhapsave liquidation’’ icon. Funds in the selected target will be automatically credited into the main wallet.

Can the fund sitting in the Rhapsave wallet be transferred into the main wallet?

No, funds in the Rhapsave wallet can only be split and transferred into Rhapsave targets when the allocated percentages sum up to 100%.

Why are funds credited into Rhapsave wallet not splitting and the balance not showing in my Rhapsave total balance?

The funds will sit in the Rhapsave wallet until the total allocated percentages is 100% and the splitting commences. Only processed (splitted) funds will reflect in the Rhapsave balance.

Can I increase the number of targets in my existing Rhapsave plan?

Yes, but to a maximum of 5 targets. Click on the edit icon (pen) in the right lower corner of the screen to set up the additional target.

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