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Rhapsody Finance was established in 2020 to render financial services in the most convenient form. We provide savings plans, Fixed deposit investments, micro loans, payroll loans and other financial services.
Rhapsody Finance has since its inception, combined innovative business models and technology to provide banking solutions, enhance financial services by identifying the funding lapses, and complex systems of accessing loans.
Through the exceptional investment and loan services provided to our growing customer base, our potential is being actively developed with an objective to transform into a digital bank with our comprehensive expansion strategies. Rhapsody finance prides itself in the unique technological tools, mobile applications, and web access we employ to make lending accessible.


We are a team poised to deliver quality financial services through innovative technology.


We are a strong financial service provider with the aim to be the best in digitization and innovation.

  • Integrity
  • High standards
  • Customer service excellence
  • Innovation
  • Profitability
  • Creativity

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